About Us

We have family members and friends that are avid beekeepers.  We have learned that the weight of the hive is the most significant single piece of information that can help him or her manage the bees that are entrusted to their care.  We set out to provide a practical solution. This resulted in the Wi-Fi Hive Scale product which is now affordable for all beekeepers. 

Primary Business

O’Keefe Electronics Inc. specializes in providing custom electronic monitoring, diagnostics, and control systems for Residential, Consumer, Automotive, and Industrial markets. We can assist with circuit design, software development, mechanical design, and PCB assembly. We also provide assistance with product line strategies. Although we have designed systems for many environments, our strength is in electromechanical systems in high noise situations.  

We enjoy assisting a range of clients which include startup companies as well as large corporations to realize their product development dreams and implement their vision. Our clients often come to us with just a concept in mind. We help them formulate a technical approach by providing a range of solutions for them to choose from. This is done against the backdrop of a variety of business approaches that are discussed. This activity then crystallizes in a mutually agreed upon statement of work where product development is initiated and prototypes are made for lab and field testing.

O’Keefe Electronics Inc. is a Microchip, Silicon Labs authorized design partner and consultant. 


We are here to help you get your data flowing along with your honey!

Contact Details

  • O'Keefe Electronics Inc.
  • 47585 Peck Wadsworth Rd.
  • Wellington, OH 44090 
  • Phone: (440) 821-2032
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