Viewing Your Hive Data


1. Login to your Wi-Fi Hive Scale account and select "Graph" from the navigation bar.



2.  The "Graph" page displays all the data for your registered hives.  You may select a hive from its MAC address (printed on the Wi-Fi Hive Scale) by left-clicking the appropriate radio button from the table.   A graph for the associated hive scale is displayed and shows the hive's weight and temperature with respect to time.   Select the "T" icon to add ANNOTATIONS to the graph.  Select the "SAVE" button to save annotations.

 The graph will also plot humidity and outside temperature values for Wi-Fi Hive Scale devices that are using additional humidity sensors.

3.  Tick the overlay option to overlay weight and temperature data from a second Hive Scale device onto an existing graph.  A bee keeper can also overlay their own hive data with other scales which have been shared to them by another user.  Humidity and outside temperature data are not plotted when two graphs are overlayed.  Annotations cannot be added when overlay mode is enabled.  

Deleting Data From Graph


1. Login to your Wi-Fi Hive Scale account and select "Options" > "Delete Records" from the navigation bar.





4.  Select the MAC address of the Wi-Fi Hive Scale you wish to delete data from the drop-down bar.


5.  Select Start and End Times.  Data between this range will be deleted.


6.  Select "Delete" and click "OK" to permanently erase the data.