Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What batteries should I use?

A:  Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries are the best type to use for outdoors.


Q:  When I attempt to connect my Wi-Fi Hive Scale to my network using the USR Link app on my smart phone, the app times out.

A:  Make sure your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network *before* you launch the app.  When prompted to enter your network password, make sure you are using the Wi-Fi password that was setup with your existing router.  


Q:  I connected the Wi-Fi Hive Scale to my network but I am unable to see my data after registering and logging in to the website. 

A:  After you register your account, make sure you register your Wi-Fi Hive Scale's MAC address.  Log in and navigate to Options > Settings.   Click the "Add" button and enter your Wi-Fi Hive Scale's MAC address and click "Save".  The MAC address is printed on a label inside the Wi-Fi Hive Scale enclosure.


Q:  My Wi-Fi Hive Scale is connected to my Wi-Fi network but it doesn't seem to be sending data to the Web. 

A:  Please verify that your Wi-Fi Hive Scale has sufficient signal strength to communicate to the Web.  Press the "Manual Send" Button and note the LED blink pattern.

Green -> Amber -> Green/Amber/Red (simultaneous blink) = A network error has occurred.  The Wi-Fi Hive Scale cannot locate a Wi-Fi signal.  You may need to extend the range of your Wi-Fi via a range extender or a high gain antenna.

Green -> Amber -> Amber -> Green = A network connection was established successfully.  This blink pattern confirms that the unit is operating normally and data was successfully transmitted to the Web server.


Q:  My Fault LED is blinking red.  Is there a problem with the unit?

A:  If the Fault LED is blinking, the Wi-Fi Hive Scale batteries are low and must be replaced.  When the unit has appropriate power, during normal operation the Green LED will blink every 8 seconds.