Many beekeepers use their hives in remote areas where Wi-Fi is not available.  The knowledge that is gained from knowing the weight of the hive is recognized as being extremely valuable.  We have been asked by many beekeepers if we can provide an option to the Wi-Fi Hive Scale for sending data to the Web using cellular communications for remote apiaries that have no Wi-Fi access.

• A Cellular Wi-Fi Hotspot option is now available which allows Wi-Fi Hive Scales to be used in Remote Apiaries.      

•  The Cellular Wi-Fi Hotspot is an optional add-on which is pre-installed on a Wi-Fi Hive Scale when purchased.  Only one Wi-Fi Hive Scale per location needs this add-on.  Up to 10 Wi-Fi Hive Scales can send data over 4G LTE through a single scale equipped with the Cellular Wi-Fi Hotspot add-on.

•  The Cellular Wi-Fi Hotspot uses the AT&T 4G LTE network and data costs $1 per month per scale.

•  Coverage map:

•  Easy setup, and as always, we are here to help get your data flowing along with your honey.



The Wi-Fi Hotspot uses the cellular network.

The 4G LTE Hotspot is installed in the first Wi-Fi Hive Scale purchased.  A total of 10 Wi-Fi Hive Scales can be added over time that can access this same hotspot in your Apiary.

The 4G LTE Hot spot has a SIM card. 

We have partnered with Aeris to provide the SIM card.  Aeris provides a cost effective solution for devices to access the web that are only sending or receiving tiny bits of data.  The cost of data transfer for the Wi-Fi Hive Scale is approximately $1 per month per scale.


O’Keefe Electronics does not have a monthly fee for this service. You will need to create an account at Aeris and purchase a SIM card (20% discount for our customers). When you receive your SIM card you will need to provision it on the Aeris site. They have excellent online help, and we are here to get you started as well. Your credit card will be billed monthly and you will pay Aeris directly.

Aeris uses AT&T as the carrier for 4G LTE for your data.  You can check AT&T coverage in your apiary.