Wi-Fi Hive Scale Overview

The Wi-Fi Hive Scale is inserted under one side of the hive.  Since bees build out somewhat uniformly in the hive, the hive scale accurately represents the weight of the hive and can be used to indicate changes in the weight over time, hour by hour.

The unit connects to a Wi-Fi network and sends the weight and outdoor temperature up to the web once per hour.  Once data has been uploaded to the Web, the unit enters a power savings mode to maximize battery life.

The beekeeper uses a phone app to initially connect the hive to the World Wide Web by assisting with a connection to the beekeeper’s router or range extender.

An unlimited number of hive sales can be connected to the same router.

The weight and temperature is provided to the beekeeper on the PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. and can be viewed anywhere in the world, with the latest weight and temperature provided every hour around the clock.  The beekeeper does not need to be near the hive.



Features and Benefits

I have two brothers that are/have been avid beekeepers with multiple hives.  I asked one of them how he determined the weight of his hive.  He said “I hike it.” He would lift one side to determine how much honey was in the hive compared to other hives in his apiary.

  • We developed a scale that essentially "hikes the hive" all of the time. The scale is placed under one edge of the hive.  The opposite edge is raised with a 2X4 to compensate for the added thickness of the weight sensor.  Beekeepers learn everything that they need to learn about weight trends in the hive with the Wi-Fi Hive Scale
  • It is easy to install under an existing hive.  The scale sensor can easily be inserted under a 250+ pound hive.  Try inserting a platform scale under an existing 250 pound hive full of bees!
  • The "half scale" or the "hinge scale" concept keeps the price low.  
  • The beekeeper has access to the hive weight via a website every hour.  This means that the data is available on a PC, tablet, or smartphone 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.
  • The battery life is calculated to last over one year when Lithium batteries are used for lower winter temperatures.
  • The user is provided a range of transmission intervals to optimize battery life.  Data is gathered once per hour, and the hourly data can be transmitted on intervals of every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 hours.  As an example of battery life using Lithium ion batteries, actual measured battery life when transmitting 8 records 3 times a day in the field is around 5+ months.  When transmitting every hour, a 4 month battery life is achieved.  This will vary depending on temperatures. 



The Web Portal

The Wi-Fi Hive Scale website can be accessed on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.  It lists all your hives with a summary of the current weight, weight change in one day, and weight change in one week.  You also have access to battery voltage and the Wi-Fi signal strength.

The beekeeper has the ability to individually select a given hive and view a graph of the data over time for the selected hive.