The Wi-Fi Hive Scale Eliminates Swarms

During honey flow, rapid gain in weight indicates the need for another super.

If the weight flattens out during a rapid nectar flow, perhaps new queen cells have been added and the bees have stopped working in preparation for a swarm.

The Wi-Fi Hive Scale Halts Hive Robbing

When weight is decreasing daily in a stair step pattern and other hives are simultaneously showing weight gain, bees are removing honey from the hive!

The Wi-Fi Hive Scale detects disease early

Weight loss indication due to disease allows detection and early treatment.

48% of hives inspected in Ohio in 2015 were found with disease.

The Wi-Fi Hive Scale facilitates comparing hive strength and productivity

Multiple Wi-Fi Hive Scales can be used to compare the performance of one hive to another within an apiary or in a region to determine if there is a problem.

The Wi-Fi Hive Scale monitors nectar flow hourly

When the weight increases 30 lbs, it is time to extract.

Watch the weight in winter to insure sufficient stores.

View hive weight anywhere on PC, tablet, smartphone

Transmits hive weight to Web every hour

Lowest cost hive scale available

Sensor slides easily under the edge of existing hive