How It Works



  • The Wi-Fi Hive Scale consists of the control unit and the sensor. The sensor and bracket is capable of measuring the weight of a 350 pound hive.
  • The control unit is shown in the above figure.  The battery holder uses 3 AA batteries.  For cold temperatures (below 5°F) it is recommended to use Lithium batteries.
  • The controller has three buttons to provide input to the controller and three Light Emitting Diodes to indicate the status of the operation of the Wi-Fi Hive scale. 



  • Reset Button:  This is provided to completely reset the unit.  This is rarely necessary.
  • Manual Send Button:  After initially installing the unit or on any other occasion, the Beekeeper may want to send data up to the web without waiting for the next hour interval.  Pressing this button momentarily sends data to the web within 3 minutes.  
  • Web Connect Button:  This button is pressed to connect the Wi-Fi Hive scale to the beekeepers router.  Press and hold it for 8 seconds, and the amber web connect LED will light providing feedback to the beekeeper that the unit is in the process of connecting to the router.



  • Status LED:  This LED is green and blinks on an 8 second interval to show that the Wi-Fi Hive Scale is operating normally.  
  • Fault LED:  This LED is red and blinks with a single blink pattern after power-up to indicate that the unit has not established a Web connection.   The unit will connect to the Web after one hour (or after the Manual Send button is pressed).  The unit will then blink the green LED continuously every 8 seconds.  The Fault LED will blink with a double red blink to indicate a low battery status.
  • Web Connect LED:  This LED is amber in color and is used to provide two pieces on information to the beekeeper.
    • When the Wi-Fi Hive scale sends data to the web every hour (or during a manual send) the amber LED blinks at the start of the data transmission and at the end of the data transmission a few seconds later.
    • During the process of connecting the Wi-Fi Hive Scale to the router, the amber LED indicates that it is connecting to the router.