Sharing Your Hive Data


1. Navigate your browser to and select "Login" from the top navigation bar.

2. Enter your login name and password and click the "Login" button to access the Wi-Fi Hive Scale portal.

3.  Select "Share Hive Data" under "Options" from the navigation bar.

4.  The following table shows e-mail addresses for people who have permission to view your hive scale data.  Click "Add" to add a user you wish to share your hive scale data with.

5.  Enter an e-mail address for a user you wish to share you hive scale with and click "Save".

6.  Your hive scales are now successfully shared with another Wi-Fi Hive Scale user.  To view data from shared hive scales, login to the Wi-Fi Hive Scale portal and select "Graph" from the top navigation bar.  If users have shared their hive scale data with you, their hive scales will be displayed along with your own registered scales on the "Graph" page.